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Mountain Guard Leather Embroidery Warm Raised Sweatshirt

Mountain Guard Leather Embroidery Warm Raised Sweatshirt

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Product name Mountain Guard Leather Embroidery Warm Raised Sweatshirt
Price $47.40 USD
Made by Collaboration Company
Product code P000DANE
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Size Information

(Unit ; cm)
- 1~3cm difference can be found depending upon the measuring method.
- Color difference may be found depending on the user's monitor.

Recommended size
M = ~5'7"(170cm)~, ~132lbs(60kg)~
L = ~5'9"(175cm)~, ~154lbs(70kg)~
XL = ~5'11"(180cm)~, ~176lbs(80kg)~
Recommended size is based on design and measurement and it can be vary from each body shape.

More Details

MaterialOutshell - Cotton 100%
Lining - Polyester 100%
LiningFully Lined
ColorBlack / Gray / Melange
Country of OriginKorea
Washing Instruction


Hand Wash

Do Not

Shade Dry

Do Not

Model : the “R”178cm(5'84"),75kg(165lbs)
Top : L

Model : the “R”178cm(5'84"),75kg(165lbs)
Top : L

Model : the “R”178cm(5'84"),75kg(165lbs)
Outer : 105(XL), Top : L

Model : the “R”178cm(5'84"),75kg(165lbs)
Top : L

Model : the “R”178cm(5'84"),75kg(165lbs)
Top : L

Model : the “R”178cm(5'84"),75kg(165lbs)
Outer : 105(XL), Top : L

Model : the “R”178cm(5'84"),75kg(165lbs)
Top : L

Model : the “R”178cm(5'84"),75kg(165lbs)
Top : L

Model : the “R”178cm(5'84"),75kg(165lbs)
Outer : 105(XL), Top : L


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  • 배송 지역 : Worldwide
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    We send all our product by expected shipping with full tracking(3~9 business days).
    Shipping Methods : EMS, FedEx, DHL
    Shipping Cost : Purchase over $200 : Free Shipping, Purchase below $200 : $15 USD.
    * Usually 1~2 business days for handling and preparing.
    * Though Most of the packages will not be charged for customs border taxes. However, custom tax is the buyer's responsibility.
      BytheR Customs Duty Notice: USD 150 or less (USA-USD 200 or less) is customs-free, USD 150 is exceeded, the tax shall be imposed on (price of the product + freight to a port of entry + insurance).
    * If the delivery is returned because of the customer's absence, he should pay for the return fee.
    * Due to COVID-19 delivery may be delayed depending on the local situation of the countries.

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The items need to be returned within 14 days since you receive the parcel and should be in original condition.
Every member who wants to return items should return it by EMS or any air shipping method that provides tracking service (If your return package get lost, we would not responsible for it).
When you are returning the package, Please leave a memo for us with the reason for exchanges/refunds and your ID or the order number.
Please mark shipments as a GIFT and Low value (less than $50) for low taxes.
We will issue a refund excluding the shipping fee. But if the mistake is ours, we will be glad to give a full refund.
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